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Contemporary formats

Although it will take several years for our formats to be fully updated, these changes already began to be clearly visible in 2014. Based on extensive customer research and active brand development, our chains Blokker, Leen Bakker, Big Bazar and Xenos were off to a good start in upgrading their stores. This ensures that the retail formats will do an even better job of meeting the demands of today’s customers in the future. 

Both Blokker and Leen Bakker have backed their new formats with a TV advertising campaign. Leen Bakker launched a major TV campaign at the end of 2014, while on 9 May 2015 Blokker premiered an all-new TV campaign using the payoff Fijn dat we er zijn (It’s good that we’re here). 

Leen Bakker and Blokker teamed up in 2014 to provide Dutch consumers – starting in the first few weeks of good weather in spring 2015 – with an appealing and modern range of garden furniture and accessories, an all-new white-label brand marketed under the name ‘Le Sud’. The TV adverts for this new brand aired on Dutch television in April 2015.

The updated formats involve decidedly more than a ‘changed layout and a few dabs of paint’, as certain cynical retail experts have been known to claim. In fact, we have worked to truly improve the customer experience by offering greater convenience and service, faster availability of products, efficient delivery and by combining the services of the physical and online stores. New white-label brands and product ranges play a key role in the new formats. 

Partnerships with manufacturers of premium brands remain a priority for the majority of our retail formulas, as exemplified by the unique alliance between Douwe Egberts and Blokker launched in September.

Customer feedback on our new retail formats has been positive and their high degree of satisfaction is evident from the increased sales in those stores which have since been remodelled based on the new formats.

With all that being said, we still have some way to go, as this is only the beginning. Retailers truly need to deliver on their promises in this omnichannel world, which involves delivering when and where the customer wants it, fast, easy and as cost-effectively as possible. This requires strong back-office operations, as well as helpful customer service representatives and a highly service-oriented web care team that fields queries from customers and handles complaints efficiently.




B-point in the new Blokker stores. Ordering online right in the stores, giving individual stores their own ‘endless aisle’.  

Leen Bakker’s UMIX collection: launched in 2014, this unique contemporary line of furniture is already one of the home furnishings retailer’s bestsellers.