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Close to the customer

Blokker Holding moved the process of updating and upgrading its organisation up a few notches in 2014, based on the new strategy. Its single objective is to meet customers’ needs where and when they want, with relevant and distinctive stores and products at reasonable prices, offering the highest level of service. Based on qualitative and quantitative research, our retail chains updated their formats in 2014 and improved their service levels. We are strengthening our relationships with the customer by monitoring customer sentiment on social media and through our customer service (both telephone and web care) alongside the traditional channels.  

New systems are improving the efficiency of customer contact. Orders placed in one of our webshops are available in the store the following day or delivered to the customer’s home. By making our online product range available to customers in stores, we create an ‘endless aisle’. Customers can order products which are not – or no longer – in stock at the moment and have them delivered right to their home the next day. The great advantage of this method is that our sales staff never again have to give no for an answer. We use customer counters and purchase data recorded at cash registers to provide us with information about conversion rates and peak times, so that our colleagues can focus even more on the customer’s needs.











Blokker significantly expanded its customer service and web care team in the past year.

The number of online kiosks at Bart Smit will be further increased in 2015, along with those at fellow chains Intertoys, Blokker and Leen Bakker.