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Highlights 2014


  • Revenue of EUR 2,098 million; down by 1.1%
  • Further growth in online revenue – driven in part by the Nextail services – by 24% to EUR 98 million
  • Operational EBITDA* reaches EUR 65.3 million (2013: EUR 139.5 million)
  • EUR 66.5 million invested in upgrading formats, supply chain, logistics and IT 


  • Revenue falls by 2.9% over last year
  • Blokker opens 6 new stores based on the new format
  • Further growth of Xenos in Germany with the opening of 12 new stores; total German revenue grows by 20% 
  • Big Bazar opens 9 new XL stores with a new format and an all-new product range
  • Continued strong revenue growth of the Blokker and Cook&Co webshops


  • 1.7% revenue growth
  • Continued growth for Bart Smit and Intertoys webshops
  • Revenue boost through popular toy trends such as Loombands
  • Maxi Toys distribution centre expanded from 30,000 to 45,000 square metres


  • Leen Bakker revenue remains stable (-0.4%)
  • Blokker Holding withdraws from garden-centre market following the sale of Tuincentrum Overvecht
  • Leen Bakker launches the new format (including new logo and branding) at 5 existing stores
  • Launch of new white-label brands in furniture (UMIX) and (in conjunction with Blokker) in garden furniture (Le Sud)

The figures have been adjusted to include the sale of Tuincentrum Overvecht (TCO) and the deconsolidation of Casa.

* Operating profit before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortisation and provisions for the purpose of restructuring.