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Accelerated transformation with new strategy

The Transformation Strategy 2017 – created in June 2014 – is based on four cornerstones: ‘Close to the customer’, ‘Contemporary formats’, ‘Operational excellence’ and ‘Open and committed teams’. The purpose of the strategy is to start generating profitable growth again within three years in the Household, Toys and Living sectors and to become a leading sustainable omnichannel player in the Benelux market. In Germany we aim to further expand the retail and online activities in Household. In France, we are looking to strengthen our position in the toy market. Online revenues will comprise a significant portion of our total revenues. We aim to generate a total of EUR 300 million in online revenues by 2017.

Customers want to be able to do pre-purchase research and shop anywhere, anytime on a 24/7 basis. Our retail formats should seamlessly fit the model of the ‘customer journey’, both in the stores and online. We conduct in-depth research to find out how customers shop and what their needs and expectations are. This way, we both increase customer satisfaction and customers’ willingness to make purchases.

We will continue to inspire our customers both online and offline by continuously updating our retail formats. This requires that we clearly position these formats against each other. Distinctive and relevant retail brands are Blokker Holding’s strength.

Blokker Holding is working on developing up-to-date and efficient business processes. This enables us to further reduce costs and increase revenues from all our activities. Closer cooperation between the various operating companies improves synergy in e-commerce, logistics, supply chain, category management and IT. Information about our business processes is up-to-date, allowing us to manage our organisation in real-time and respond much more quickly to changes.

We strive to create open and committed teams with an ongoing dedication to providing top services to our customers. Our managers and employees are enterprising, innovative and focused on results. By investing in effec­tive evaluation systems and development opportunities, we support our employees and operating companies in their development.